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Positions Supported by R. Stepanauskas Research Grants

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a soft-money research institute. Therefore all research positions are supported through specific research grants or fellowships to individuals. For availability of grant-funded positions, please review Bigelow Laboratory Careers page or contact Dr. R. Stepanauskas directly. 

Third-Party Fellowships to Postdocs and Visiting Scientists

Please contact Dr. R. Stepanauskas if you are interested in working in his group with your own fellowship support. Links below inform about several fellowship opportunities:

Single Cell Genomics Workshops

Bigelow Laboratory Single Cell Genomics Center (SCGC) has been hosting international workshops on this topic since 2007. For updates and new announcements, please see SCGC website

Student Training

Bigelow Laboratory offers multiple training opportunities to high school and undergraduate students and to science educators. For further information, please visit Bigelow Laboratory website and go to the Education drop-down menu. Please see table below for a list of prior undergraduate student internships in Stepanauskas' group.

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